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Are you facing "Inernal Memory got Full" problem in Smart Phone? This Google App can solve the problem

Internal memory problem in smart phone

Many smart phone users frequently facing the problem of internal memory full issues.  The problem may heavy in budget smart phones.  Then, what can we do to manage the internal memory to up to date every time?  There are many third party apps came to manage internal memory in android smart phones, but none of the app perfectly managing the internal memory.  The problem of “internal memory full” is such a headache to the smart phone users till now.

Google files go app review
To solve the problem of “Internal memory full” and manage the memory effectively, Google introduced an App "Files Go" to manage the internal memory of files, images, videos to notify to user, which file, video, images, etc occupied larger memory by category wise.  The app facilitated to user to see thumbnail of the files, images, videos, etc by category wise i.e. WhatsApp images, videos, as one category, Facebook as another category, etc like that.

The user can delete useless files, images, videos, etc by seeing them by category wise like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Camera, etc and manage the memory by erasing cache, useless apk’s and deleting the temporary files, etc to boost up the performance of phone.

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